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First Day of School

It seems like everyone is going back to school! Jaxon started preschool this last week. He actually went for a few months last school year but this is his first "first day of schoool" experience. Everyone has asked how he's doing and it's kind of funny. The question almost seems odd to me. He LOVES school. He gets to go outside of the house for 2 hours, 3 days a week and see his friends and play with his teachers. Yes, I understand it's school and he's learning, but at preschool age it's a lot of fun for him. Here's some fun photos from his first day.

How cute is he with his little backpack?

They had this adorable little photo booth for kids on their first day. I tried to get him to pose so I could read the sign.

Of course the sign turned into a bird. What can I do. I tried.

Jaxon posed with his teacher. She's so sweet, it's her first year teaching and she reminds me of gum drops and rainbows and puppy dog tails. Everything that a preschool te…
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Summer Break

This is our last summer before school starts for Jaxon! He actually started for a few months back in April and May but this is the official start of school him with a back to school shopping list and a snack schedule and everything!

We've made sure we've crammed in everything we possibly can.

We went and saw Panic! at the Disco. They are one of my favorite bands. Isn't it obvious I was excited?

Brian and I were having a conversation about the "Mount Rushmore" of bands. Top 4 bands you have to see. This is one of my Mount Rushmore's and I honestly didn't think I'd ever get a change to see them. It was hours of glorious, loud music followed by a very hoarse voice the next day.

We also painted our nails. Isn't is the sweetest that he wants to match his mom? Every time that I paint my finger nails he goes "blue nails too!", it makes me happy as a mom that he wants to be like me. Also, fun fact, did you know blue nails means you are Catboy an…


When did life change so much? One kid become two? Stay at mom become stay at mom and worker? Errands become errands and more errands because they are never finished? Seven become seven and eleven?

Wait... I may have gotten a little off track with that last one.

Life is always so crazy it seems that one you finally get used to it, something changes. That's what pake is. Something you're not used to but it can totally work.

A pake: half pie, half cake. Don't worry, we're not talking apple pie with frosting. It's a pie crust with red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting.

Now this is a learning lesson. The original recipe I used is from Lifetime. It was originally made on a show called "Drop Dead Diva". Total chic show but it was fun. The only thing it that whatever world they cook in, cakes rise several inches. Here in the normal world? Not so much. I've modified the recipe slightly below.

Pie Crust - Either make your own or walk down the fr…

Cookies for Two

A lot of you are gearing up for Christmas baking. Personally? I'm not so sure I'm going to do it.

Some of you may think that's absurd but I'm thinking it just might be practical this year. I work remotely from home, no workers to give cookies to. No holiday party at work this year, no platter of baked goods needed. I only know a couple neighbors and I actually don't know their names. We just smile and say hi and wave. Plus, of the family that's coming over, only a few of them eat sweets.

But lets be honest, can a 31 week pregnant lady go an entire holiday season without treats?


What this means is that I will be trying lots of "Two Person" recipes. I can't promise you that I won't eat both servings but I can promise it's good news for you! Here is our first recipe:

Cookie in a Cup:
Makes one mug
1/4 cup flour
1 tbl butter
1 tbl sugar
1 tbl brown sugar
1 egg yolk (if you like egg white omelets you could save the white)
2 tbl chocolate ch…

Summer Update

Summer is always SO busy. Why is that? I remember when I used to be in school and summer break was the best. No school, vacations, seeing friends.

Now it's vacations, weddings, trying to see friends and schedule playdates, checkups for Jaxon, and still work? What is that about?

Here is a little catch up from our summer plus some fun new news.

We went to a wedding of an old high school friend of ours. It was such a cute wedding in an old barn that was beautifully decorated. Plus how can you not love any wedding where you get to keep adorable chalkboard mason jars?

The routine checkups for Jaxon. That boy of mine is getting SO big. When did this happen?

We took some wagon rides around the neighborhood. Mostly so we can go play at the splash-pad.

4th of July was a great weekend for all the Tussing's. Brian's dad and mom rented a condo in Mission Beach for the family to go stay at. It makes me love Brian that much more when I see how great him and Jaxon are together.

Lastly, f…

DIY Chandelier

Last week I promised you a fun DIY project Brian and I did,

If you look back to this post, you'll see an awesome teal wall and then a not so attractive brown chandelier. Just to jog your memory, it looks like this.

Yes, the table is dusty and you can see some papers but I feel like it adds to the sadness of the picture.

No, how dare you assume that I was lazy and didn't dust. Sadness people, sadness.

Pinterest is a great resource for redecorating. I had seen a post once about how to paint a chandelier. They went from 1970's gold decor to a fun vibrant red and it gave me inspiration.

I don't think you can have too much fun color in a house so we went with Gloss Yellow by Krylon. Their spray paint has primer built in so we didn't have to do too much work. Less is better in my book.

We took out some links, put on 3-4 coats of Gloss Yellow and BAM! Beautiful dining room chandelier.

It added a great look to the dining room for the cost of 2 cans of spray paint. Great pr…

House Updates

We like to redecorate our downstairs. A lot. We've added throw pillows and rugs, as seen here, and we've painted our dining room wall.

We've done more changes. Can you believe that? I'll share a little DIY project we did next week but right now the big change is we purchased a new couch! Brian was so excited to purchase it. We actually placed the order before Jaxon's birthday in March and have been patiently, or not so patiently depending on the day, waiting for it to arrive.

Last night I got the call that it was in and they would deliver it today.

Here is the before, taken late at night with awful lighting of course:

Here is what it looks like now:

Much better! Now unfortunately the 2 pillows that are gray are supposed to be blue on the other side like the blue one in the middle so they are going to send new ones. But how great does that thing look?

It is so comfortable. If you can't find me or had a scheduled date with me that I missed, I'll be here. Don&…